Thinking of adding a Golden Retriever puppy to your family?  Be an informed consumer and visit the links below:

Acquiring a Golden Retriever   published by the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) is a great place to start

Selecting a Breeder

What Responsible Breeders Do  

English Cream or Rare White Golden Retrievers


Availabililty of Puppies

Lower James River Golden Retriever Club has serious hobby breeders among its membership.   None of these breeders makes his or her principal income from breeding Golden Retrievers.

Female dogs go into season no more than twice a year.  They are, as a rule, not bred on every season.  Gestation is nine weeks, and the puppies will live with their mothers for seven to nine weeks after birth (depending on the breeder).  Be prepared to wait for the puppy you want.

If you are considering buying a Golden Retriever puppy as a gift, please be sure that the person who will receive the puppy wants a Golden puppy and is in a position to care for it.  Holiday puppies are a challenge.  Most breeders do not like to send puppies to their new homes at Christmas.  The stress that occurs in many households around the holidays is not good for newly arrived puppies.

All Lower James River Golden Retriever Club members listing a litter are in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC), GRCA, and adhere by the GRCA Code Of Ethics.